Micro Reps With Primaloft Insulation Technology

Micro Reps With Primaloft Insulation Technology

Padded hood with inner woollen edge with two parallel stripes from Stone Island Fall 2019 collection. Two big bellows hand pockets, with flap and adjustable snap fastening. Air vent in the arm hole. Straps with buttons at cuffs. Hidden zip fastening, with double slider under a buttoned placket.


MICRO REPS WITH PRIMALOFT® INSULATION TECHNOLOGY: Hooded jacket in a military specification polyester nylon Rep. The weft yarns, thinner in diameter compared to the warp yarns, enable the fabric to be tightly woven in order to obtain a compact, wind-resistant tela. The garment has been padded with a PrimaLoft® layer, an exclusive blend of ultra-thin fibres providing exceptional insulating capacity. PrimaLoft® is developed to stay drier even when wet. It delivers the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of all synthetic insulations. The fabric is sprayed with a special anti-drop agent.

- 52% Polyester, 48% Polyamide

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Micro Reps With Primaloft Insulation Technology
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