Gore-Tex Shell Coat Charcoal

Gore-Tex Shell Coat Charcoal

Shell coat using GORE-TEX FABRICS with waterproof and breathable function from Nanamica Fall 2019. 2-layer GORE-TEX FABRICS using 75 denier polyester taffeta for the outer material. It features a soft and smooth touch. A gentle A-line silhouette based on USNAVY's N-1 Winter Parka. You can enjoy the silhouette change by squeezing the waist draw cord. The front uses water-stop fasteners used in outdoor mountain jackets and crimped Velcro. A waterproof zipper is also used for the waist pocket to increase waterproof. Each inner pocket is equipped with functional pockets of different sizes. A polyester ripstop that is slippery and strong is used for the overall lining.

- 100% polyester

680.00 EUR408.00 EUR
Gore-Tex Shell Coat Charcoal
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