Love 2021 Candle (200gr)

Love 2021 Candle (200gr)

European vegetal soya wax 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable using NO OGM, NO PESTICIDE, NO HERBICIDE which do not generate any toxic substance on combustion. Our cotton wicks are untreated and comply with European REACH regulations. Our aromatic candles are handmade using natural fragrances from Grasse, France, with NO CMR.

- This candle comes in a thick and heavy white clay bowl handmade by an artisan in Algarve

- Diam 8 cm X 9 cm, 200 grs, 7,05 oz liquid weight, 500 grs, 17,63 oz net weight

- Flowers and Musks

- Burn time approximately 45hours

- Made in Portugal

42.00 EUR
Love 2021 Candle (200gr)
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